At Internal Medicine of Northern Michigan, our singular goal continues: to provide
exceptional patient care. Today though, the doctor’s office of the past has evolved into the
patient-centered medical home. This difference is not in the physical aspects of the traditional office, but, rather, a change in the process of delivering healthcare and redefining patient/doctor roles.

Person-centered care is an enhancement of what we already do: treating the patient as an individual, fostering a proactive approach to care, and working as a team to promote overall health and wellness.

Your internist may be the only doctor you will need for overall health and wellness. With the skills of a general practitioner and the advanced training of a specialist, the internists at Internal Medicine of Northern Michigan are uniquely prepared to treat routine health issues, anticipate future needs, and help prevent more serious conditions through preventive maintenance and lifestyle guidance.      

OUR MISSION: Partnering with our patients for lifelong health and wellness.      

At Internal Medicine of Northern Michigan, we believe that the patient is a partner, with a vital interest in his or her own healthcare decisions. Our proactive approach to living in health and wellness makes the physician-patient responsibility a shared endeavor.

TO McLAREN NORTHERN MICHIGAN EMPLOYEES: We are pleased to announce that
McLaren Health Plan is accepted for services at Internal Medicine of Northern Michigan. Be sure to select your Internal Medicine of Northern Michigan physician to maintain your patient-physician relationship through the new insurance plan. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to continuing our longstanding relationship with you.