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Research Opportunities

Nisus Research

Through our facility, patients have access to trials through Nisus Research.

Nisus Research, a department of McLaren Northern Michigan, has been conducting Phase II, III and IV clinical trials since 1984. To date, Nisus has conducted more than 300 clinical trials with more than 2,000 volunteer participants. Patients and their physicians have access to newer medical treatments and devices and collaboration with national and international medical experts and academic centers. These trials interface well with the inpatient and outpatient medical care provided by our physicians.

Currently studies are being conducted in Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, General and Vascular Surgery and Rheumatology and others. Ask your physician if a clinical trial is right for you.

Nisus Research brochures can be viewed by clicking the images below.
McLaren Northern Michigan Nisus Research can also be found at and
For additional information, contact Suzanne VanAlstyne at (231) 487-3157 or


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